Project Proposals, Newsletters & More


look inside video series treatment

As Producer & Marketing Coordinator at Life Focus, I have designed many treatments. These documents are common in the industry to outline the scope and vision of the production. This project is tailored for the client’s Millennial demographic as reflected in my copywriting and design choices.


How did we get here? podcast proposal

I researched, developed and wrote this project proposal for a podcast that aims to transform how we think and talk about race. It was a pleasure connecting with the knowledgeable hosts and capturing their vision for a podcast that blends past and present to create a clear understanding of social justice issues.

Jesus died.jpg


As Associate Producer on this documentary, it was a privilege to help develop this treatment which is used to present to investors, secure funding and share with television networks for distribution. It captures many of the beautiful people we met and compelling narratives we heard.


Believers Today Brochure

It was an honor to work with this nonprofit whose mission is to serve those who faithfully served our country. I wrote, developed and designed this informational document.



I’ve sent over 100 newsletters and email marketing campaigns. This is one of the many. I always love sending newsletters to keep partners in the loop and campaigns to drive customer engagement.


life focus commercial

With acceptance on a major European television network, Life Focus commissioned me to write and create a short commercial promo to raise funds and awareness.


Ads & Marketing




flek Facebook video ad

My work copywriting for FLEk took a variety of different forms including promotional videos and ads. This short video ad captures the excitement and visual nature of the brand in a way that resonated with their target audience.


FLEk showCASE Kickstarter

I wrote the content for FLEk’s Kickstarter page and the script for the promotional video to showcase their new product and encourage backers. This successful Kickstarter was the first I worked on and we were thrilled by the 100% funding.


FLEk Social Media

I had a blast during my time creating and managing social media content for this small startup. While we were working on a tight budget, I tried to be as creative as possible and show the products in authentic, real life situations.

icfb logo.png

it came from a box social media

I collaborate with my husband, the creator of It Came From a Box, to upkeep our social media channels, run giveaways and engage with our followers.


it came from a box digital media kit

I wrote and created this digital media kit for marketing purposes. We send this to companies in order to secure new product and sponsorships.


it came from a box product videos

Our YouTube Channel has over 65,000 subs and more than 7,000,000 video views. I help script, write and produce videos for the channel. As a tech and toy unboxing channel, a main component is marketing products in engaging, fresh ways.