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The room remained quiet, while we both stared at the ceiling in complete silence. My thoughts continued to plague me as the silence stretched onward. “How had thing gotten this bad? How can I fix this?” While I’d been together with my boyfriend for a year, I was realizing our relationship was tanking quickly. The chasm that had grown between us was like trying to jump from one side of the grand canyon to the other. It didn’t matter that I reached out to reassure him with a gentle touch, he turned his back. So my thoughts continued to torture me, looking for a way to repair our relationship. Determined to persevere I told myself, “Just wait a little bit longer… things will get better. Something has to change.”


Six Types Of Boyfriends
To Avoid Like the Plague

My revolving door of exes is a running joke in my family. After high school, I didn’t visit home without a new boyfriend in tow. My family teased me but overall they were supportive and nice to Every-Boyfriend-They-Would-Meet-Once-And-Never-Again.

Though I’ve never been the “blinded by love” type, because of my serial dating, I’m now tuned into things that will be issues down the road. Call me a self-proclaimed expert in red flags due to my misadventures in romance.

Until this point, I’ve only been able to use this superpower for self-deprecating jokes, hilarious (but lurid) tales, and dating advice for my single friends. However, my well-honed douchebag radar will be better used if my mistakes help others from getting involved these stereotypical types of toxic boyfriends.


Three Ways to Stay Positive
When Life is Getting You Down

I was convinced I destroyed my life.

My late nights, party weekends, and the ability to spend all my cash on myself abruptly ended. Suddenly I needed to grow up overnight but was dealing with feelings of loss, shame, and disappointment. Even my parents were low-key appalled, while trying to act supportive. “We didn’t raise you this way” was the undercurrent of embarrassment they spoke out loud. When I brought up my predicament to friends, they pretended to care but also informed me there was no way I’d be good at this, and stopped hanging around as I endured new changes. I felt alone, terrified, and negative.

I was a pregnant college student with no plan, no money, and no idea how to land on my feet.